Specialized Experience

Our Billing Director, Gail Berry, has 30+ years of specialized experience in medical Revenue Cycle Management, spanning multiple specialties and facility types including specific expertise as a credentialed coder.

What could she and her team do for your practice?

Our “WOW Report” allows us to build your confidence and trust in our capabilities with absolutely no risk to you!

mr2 employs a system and detailed process to analyze the insurance A/R, investing significant time and resources, to show you exactly where your current biller or billing company is missing the mark. Within 48 hours you receive detailed information regarding not only why your claims denied, but more importantly what needs to be done to correct the issues.

Our team specializes in revenue cycle management and collection of old Accounts Receivable (A/R) that typically ends up being written off. Our experience includes:

  • Fee for Service, as well as managed Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurances.
  • Managing commercial appeals, Medicare appeals, ADRs, RAC Audits, MAC redeterminations, ALJ hearings, as well as Medicaid appeals for multiple states.
  • Specialty collections such as Third-Party billing, Workers Compensation and Medicare MSP claims processing.
  • Analyzing accounts receivable to formulate effective plans of action for A/R clean-up and high efficiency maintenance.
  • Reading and interpreting insurance contracts and fee schedules to ensure receipt of full payments.

We offer complete transparency to our clients. Wouldn’t you like to know. . .

  • How much money you currently have outstanding in A/R?
  • How much money you are writing off each month?
  • Why this money is being written off?
  • The largest claim denial reasons that are contributing to that money being written off?

With mr2 you will receive detailed reports showing exactly what is happening with your claims. We will never keep you in the dark, and we will work with your office staff to correct issues that are causing denials and write offs.

U.S. Based Professionals  

Many companies outsource to companies overseas where much of the work is done by inexperienced personnel. We take pride in being a 100% US based company with all personnel located in America. When you call us, you can feel comfortable knowing you are speaking with a skilled billing brepresentative right here in the USA.

mr2 is less costly than the physician’s in-house billing staff

In-House Billing Solo Practice
Monthly In-House Costs mr2's Average Monthly Costs
Employee salary based on $18/hour for a 40 hour week
Based on a practice doing $30K in Insurance billing monthly
Medical Benefits: estimated employer portion (current national average 83%)
Vacation & Sick Leave: averaged at 6 days sick leave and one week vacation
Taxes, Work Comp, 401K costs
Practice Management Software: average cost for monthly model
MD’s Monthly SAVINGS: